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Flori'sStory: Flor and her Mother are in need of a Tricycle with a passenger seat. 

Flori is currently taking care of her 91 year old mother, Ana. Her mother can't walk and getting her around town is a challenge because Flori doesn't have a car. Thankfully, Flori borrows her brother's car to get mom to church on Sundays. It's Flori's wish to get an electric tricycle with a passenger seat so she can take her mom out on a regualr basis. Some good ole fresh air, a random trip to the grocery store and local park trips would do them both some good! 

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Speak Joy is a 501(c)(3) not for profit charity. While we are excited to partner with KFSH-FM (95.9 the Fish), 99.5 KKLA and our listeners, and will endeavor to do our best to connect people to help people, Speak Joy cannot assure anyone that their need will be met or that their talent will be used. We will do our best to vet every nomination and person meeting a need, and to wisely use your financial resources to fulfill the need being met when other resources are not available.

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